Great Malvern Railway Station, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


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Friends of Malvern’s Railway


Malvern Link Station


The group, represented by Brian Iles and Chris Turner, sat on the consultation group hosted by Worcestershire County Council involved in the redevelopment of Malvern Link Station. They ensured that the old buildings were demolished and the buildings you see today constructed to be more in keeping with the character of Malvern. The re-painting of the footbridge has also been undertaken. This was not part of the redevelopment project but Network Rail Birmingham was persuaded to bring forward the re-painting from 2017 year. London Midland has agreed to allow a team of volunteers to work on clearing and planting the garden area north of the footbridge on platform 2. If anyone is interested in helping please contact Brian Iles .


Great Malvern Station


On 22nd April 2014 Lord Faulkner of Worcester came to Great Malvern Station and unveiled the totems, which Brian Iles had mounted and hung in Lady Foley’s Tea Room. Lord Faulkner then unveiled the luggage trucks which are located on platform 1 and in the waiting room. The Rev John Guise acquired the rotting trucks some ten years ago and had painstakingly restored them before donating them through the society for display on the station.


The Clock Tower


David Redfern has been consulted and has prepared the feasibility cost of reconstructing the clock tower in wood, like the original. The total cost is expected to be in the region of £400,000 and the group has now been in consultation with Network Rail, London Midland and Railway Heritage Trust to establish how much they will fund. Railway Heritage Trust has indicated they will fund in the region of £100,000. The residue will be down to us to raise. The Friends of Malvern’s Railway has already started approaching other possible funders. If you would like to donate towards the clock tower project to go to the sponsorship form. Read more about this story on the news page.




A view of Malvern Priory from Priory Park, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer




Anyone who would like to join the group, please contact Peter Clement.



A Powerpoint fundraising talk is available to organisations on the Worcester to Malvern Railway Line with emphasis on Malvern. Contact Peter Clement for details.



Time Line


If you are interested in the timeline for the railway through Malvern, visit:the Malvern Railways page here.