Great Malvern Railway Station, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


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Friends of Malvern’s Railway


Malvern Link Station


Malvern Community Forest supported by Malvern Civic Society in partnership with London Midland agreed to adopt the station in May 2017 with an aim to clear the vegetation and create a mini-nature reserve. Since then there have been volunteer working parties supported by London Midland and Network Rail staff to clear vegetation and prepare for the planting of trees and wildflower seeds. Malvern Civic Society has donated funds towards the planting.


Great Malvern Station


Network Rail LNW have been lobbied and they have now programmed work to be undertaken in 2020 to restore the foliage to the columns, repair the canopy, change the lighting to align with the heritage of the station and be more energy efficient, plus the platform clock will have its mechanism changed to electric operation linked to the platform information panels.


The Worm


The restoration of the Pedestrian Archway leading from platform 2 to the old Imperial Hotel (now Malvern St James School) is being costed and Network Rail Swindon has agreed to clear all the debris from outside the walls of the Worm. An application will then be made to Heritage Lottery Fund who indicated an interest in supporting the project. Railway Heritage Trust has also offered funding towards the project. The aim is to restore the structure and have information panels placed inside for public to view. The current franchise operator has agreed to have the Worm open for the public during staffing hours of the station.




A view of Malvern Priory from Priory Park, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer




Anyone who would like to join the group, please contact Ian Hopwood 



A Powerpoint fundraising talk is available to organisations on the Worcester to Malvern Railway Line with emphasis on Malvern. Contact Peter Clement for details.



Time Line


If you are interested in the timeline for the railway through Malvern, visit:the Malvern Railways page here.