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Midsummer Malvern 22 June - 30 June 2018


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Opening of Civic Week 2018

23 June 2018

The Opening Ceremony with the Mayor, Coun Cynthia Palmer, Chairman of the District Council, Coun Andrea Morgan, MP Harriett Baldwin and many spectators, took place on Belle Vue Island. Proceedings were started with an announcement by the Town Crier. The participants then followed the Town Crier and processed to Malvern Theatre where the prize giving for the Schools' Literary Competition took place.

President Dr John Harcup introduced Jenni Chuck who managed the Senior section of the Literary Competition and Katharine Barber, who was involved with the Junior section. Coun Andrea Morgan then presented the prizes to the winning students. The Overall Winner came from Malvern St James, the Secondary Winner from Hanley Castle and the Highly Commended were from The Chase. In the Junior section, the Winner was from The Downs and the Highly Commended from Malvern Parish. The Book Reviews entered showed a spread of reading and were most interestingly presented. The second event in Midsummer Malvern was the Bands in the Park in conjunction with the Town Council on Sunday 24th June in Priory Park. Coun Hannah Campbell welcomed the large crowd of picnickers and then Clive Hooper, Chairman of the Society, invited everyone to have a piece of the Society's 60th Anniversary birthday cake.

Follow this link to see some photos taken by our members showing some high-lights of Mid-Summer Malvern 2018



Malvern Community Partnership

7 July 2018

It's a long story..........................

Dr. Petr Somol of Malvern's partner town Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic, and a regular visitor to Malvern over the last fifteen years, gave the annual Community Partnership lecture at the Lewis Theatre at Malvern College during Civic Week. "The History of Book, Script and Typeface Culture" outlined the history of written communication and numeracy.

Petr took his audience on a trip through history back to 900.000 B.C. and the first evidence of symbols drawn and scratched on rock, through Mesopotamian clay tokens depicting early forms of numbers to the present day immediacy of electronic mass communication such as Twitter and Facebook.

Petr covered many of the most important developments of the dissemination of the written word such as Gutenberg's invention of movable type which brought the cost of printed works down to a hitherto unknown low level, thereby encouraging literacy. By allowing easy text changes, books and documents could be updated to reflect changes in thinking, the law and medical knowledge. Petr reflected on the demise of Gutenberg who died in poverty whilst his apprentice Peter Schoffer flourished by adopting a more commercial approach to his master's work and speaking against Gutenberg in a court case. After which Schöffer set up in partnership with Gutenberg's former financier Fust to form the Fust and Schoffer publishing house.

At the end of a most interesting talk Petr was asked whether there were any notes to accompany his very detailed subject. To the surprise of all concerned he produced a 4 metre long scroll detailing the whole of his talk as a timeline. Printed in association with a company in Rakovnik, Czech Republic, using the latest computer printing technology and presented on linen, in an unmistakable reference to the past. The scroll has been presented to the people of Malvern for permanent display and access for study. Suggestions as to where and how it might be displayed are welcome.



Friday 22-June

7.30pm Heritage Film Evening Film Elmslie House £5.00 online

Saturday 23-June

10.00am Appleyard Morris Dancing Performance Belle Vue Island Free n/a
10.30am Opening Ceremony Event Belle Vue Island Free n/a
11.00am Prize Giving - Literary Competition Event Malvern Theatres Foyer Free n/a
2.00pm The Downs Open Day Display The Downs School Colwall £5.00 online

Sunday 24 June

10.30am Town Walk Walk From the Tourist Office £5 TIC
11am - 5.00pm The Dell House Visit Malvern Wells £7.00 01684 564448
11am - 5.00pm NGS Cowleigh Lodge Visit 16 Cowleigh Bank WR14 1QP £4.00 House
11am - 5.00pm NGS Rothbury Visit 3 St Peter's Road £3.00 House
2.00pm Chance to Dance Event Priory Park Free n/a
2.30pm Bands in the Park Concert Priory Park Free n/a

Monday 25-June

9.45am Malvern Hills Trust Walk Walk North Quarry Car Park £5.00 01684 892002
12.00pm History of Malvern in 60 Objects Display Priory North Aisle Free n/a
2.30pm Visit to Wilton Castle Visit Ross-on-Wye £9.00 online
7.30pm Fostershire Talk Lewis Theatre Malvern College £10.00 online

Tuesday 26-June

10am - 4.00pm Quaker Meeting House Open Visit Orchard Road Free n/a
10.30am Victorian Cemetery Tour Walk Wilton Road Entrance £5.00 online
10.30am Bell, Book and Candle Film Malvern Cinema £7.00 Theatre
2.00pm Visit to the Firs Visit The Firs College Grove £10.00 online
7.30pm Friends' .. Recent History of Malvern Talk Lewis Theatre Malvern Collage £10.00 online

Wednesday 27-June

10.45am Madresfield Court Tours Visit Madresfield £12.50 online
7.00pm The Dell House Visit Malvern Wells £5 online
7.30pm How Printing Changed the World Talk Lewis Theatre Malvern Collage £10.00 online

Thursday 28-June

10.00am - 12.00pm The Edinburgh Dome Open Visit Malvern St James - Imperial Road Free n/a
12.30pm for 1.00pm 60 Objects - a Box Full of History Talk Great Malvern Priory Donation online
2.30pm Blue Plaque Unveiling Event Fair View, Lower Wyche Road Free n/a

Friday 29-June

10.30am Lovells Vineyard Tour and Tasting Visit Welland £10.00 online
4.30pm What Made Malvern Famous Talk Malvern Theatres Cinema £9.00 Theatre
2.00pm - 5.00pm Priory Park Bowls Club Open Day Visit Orchard Road Free n/a
6.30pm - 8.00pm Ladies Cricket Match and Barbecue/Bar Sport Barnards Green Cricket Club n/a n/a

Saturday 30-June

10.30am - 4.30pm Science in the Park Event Priory Park Free n/a
10.30am Town Walk Walk From the Tourist Office £5.00 TIC
11am - 5.00pm NGS Croft Bank Visit 24 Croft Bank WR14 4DU £3.50 House
12.30pm Leigh Barn and Church Tour and Own Picnic Visit Leigh Church £5.00 online
6.30pm Severn Arts Youth Orchestra Concert St Edmund's Hall Malvern College £7.00 online

All week

10am - 5.00pm History of Malvern in 60 Objects Display Great Malvern Priory Free n/a



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