The main entrance to Malvern Theatres, Great Malvern, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


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The Malvern Civic Society Country Walks



To celebrate the Society's 60th anniversary, the country walks in 2018 will be based on Roy Woodcock's compendium of walks for every month of the year.

This was prepared by Roy 10 years ago as a contribution towards the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Society. Roy was a prolific and renowned writer of country walks and drives, and produced several guides devoted to the Malverns, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire and was an active Society member until his death in 2015.

Roy's idea was to encourage walkers to visit the full variety of the Malvern range with 12 walks starting from different locations, and attempting to visit every hill on the ridge as well as including a walk from 3 of the commons which are an essential ingredient of the local scenery.

The spread of walks through the 12 months of the year will enable reference to be made to much of the flora, fauna and wildlife of the Hills and visit many of the springs and spouts.

It is the intention to complement Roy's text by adding additional interesting facts, fables, history, folklore etc of the area, sights , and buildings relevant to the walk collected from the leader and participants. This will recorded by a volunteer on each walk for future writing up and editing and inclusion in a reissue of the book.

Any Society member completing more than 2 of the walks will receive a free copy of the reissued book.





Country Walks