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The Malvern Civic Society's Events Diary





This page tells you about our 2018 programme. All talks, walks, visits and excursions are open to everyone, whether a member of the Society or not. The events diary for 2018 is now also available as a downloadable .pdf


Monthly Talks are held in the Eden Centre, Grovewood Road, WR14 1GD (off Townsend Way), close to The Malvern (Spa) hotel and Premier Inn, beginning at 7.30pm. Refreshments are available after the meeting and there is an inclusive charge of £2. 


Monthly Country Walks take place on the third Saturday morning of each month, starting at 10am, usually with a suitable place suggested for lunch afterwards. Details of each walk will be announced by email, on our website and in our magazine Bandstand.  Find out more about our 'country walks' for 2018


Weekly Town Walks from Easter to Autumn, start from the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at 10.30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The fee is £5 per person, including free Heritage Trail Leaflet. Groups of more than 10 people, please book beforehand at the TIC. 


Local visits usually take place in an afternoon, using your own transport. The charge is £5 (£4 for the venue and £1 for the Society), unless otherwise stated. Booking and payment should be done at least two weeks in advance to secure a place. Please use a separate cheque, made payable to Malvern Civic Society, for each visit. Final details are sent out by email or by post. 


Coach Excursions Completed booking forms, issued with this Diary, should be sent at least three weeks before the event to secure a place to Ann Bartlett, 15 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, WR14 2RP, enclosing a separate cheque, made payable to Malvern Civic Society, for each trip. Final details are sent, wherever possible, by email to those who book. The coach pick-up point in Avenue Road is opposite The Willows newsagents. For terms and conditions, please see the Society’s website.


Friday 12 January – Talk: The History of Cider

Penny Platts lives locally and knows all about cider.


Saturday 20 January – Country Walk

A fairly easy 3.5 mile walk from the town centre through Rose Gardens and up the 99 steps to St Ann‘s Well.Then through Happy Valley and past Ivy Scar Rocks and on to Scar Quarry. Proceed to the Clock Tower and Tank Quarry and return to town via Holy Trinity Church and the stocks.
A steady steep climb to start and then gentle undulations and good pathways with some good views and plenty of historic interest..


Friday 9 February – Talk: Streamline Worcestershire

Philip Butler is, he admits, obsessed by the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s. In his talk he will highlight some of the outstanding buildings of this period in the Worcestershire area.


Wednesday 14 February – Local Visit: Malvern Fire Station

This is a chance to meet some of the fire crews, see around the fire station and hear about the development of the service. The work they do on our behalf extends far beyond the obvious. (2.30pm start. Limit of 25. Cost £5.)



Saturday 17 February – Country Walk

Another fairly easy 3.5 mile walk starting at the Wyche Cutting and passing Cottage in the Woods down to Holy Well. Then to the Eye Well and through woodlands to the grassy ridge and fantastic views. Continue by Thirds Land and Little Switzerland along the ridge over Jubilee  and Perserverance Hill back to the Wyche Cutting.
This is a lovely walk and not too demanding with lots of sights and fairly good pathways.


Friday 9 March – Talk: Motorways of the Midlands

Stephen Price was a Traffic Officer and will talk about Motorway Control in the Midlands, a topic which affects us all these days in one way or another.


Wednesday 14 March – Local Visit: Behind the scenes at Waitrose

An opportunity to ask all those questions about operating a supermarket. Where does the stock come from? Pricing strategies? Staff training? Sell-by dates and wasting food? What about links with John Lewis Partnership? 

(Arrive for 3pm. Limit of 30. Cost £5.)


Saturday 17 March – Country Walk

This walk is more demanding as it starts from the Malvern Hills Hotel and climbs steeply up to the top of Herefordshire Beacon. Proceed along the ridge through British Camp with magnificent views in every direction and descend through woods and along a track used by Land Rover for their experience. Back to the ridge of Swinyard Hill and through the Silurian Gap to the Giants Cave. Gradually descend between the fort and the reservoir to the starting point.  A 4 mile walk, strenuous in part, but with the reward of tremendous scenes and interesting landmarks.The tracks and paths in the woodlands can be muddy.


Wednesday 11 April – Coach Excursion to Brecon Beacons Centre and Dan yr Ogof Show Caves, South Wales

Time for lunch and a brief exploration of the informative Brecon Beacons Centre. The river Llynfell emerges from the mountains at Dan yr Ogof after a journey of more than 6km underground. Be amazed by many of the beautiful formations in the cave system. Trip Leader: Tony Whalley. Tel: 01684 562897. Cost: £29 (To include coach & guided tour of caves but not lunch. Average cost of hot lunch at centre is £8 or bring your own packed lunch.) Start: Avenue Road at 9.45am. Return at about 5.30pm.


Friday 13 April – Talk: Fine Cell Work


A charity set up in the 1960s, which provides training for prisoners, mostly men, in sewing, embroidery, quilting and other handwork. This enables them to learn skills which will be useful when they leave prison. There is a waiting list to join classes.


Saturday 21 April – Country Walk

Starting again in town this walk is up St Ann‘s Road and through Happy Valley passing the old donkey shed and Happy Valley Spout and on to St Ann‘s Well. Then crossing the Rushy Valley and on to its head and onward and upward to the Worcestershire Beacon and the toposcope. After taking in the unrivalled views head towards the Wyche Cutting and then  back to town via Earnslaw Quarry Lake and St Ann‘s Well.
This is about 6.5miles on good pathways with some vigorous climbing in the first half but with lovely views over Malvern and, of course, wondrous scenes fom the ridge..


Friday 11 May – Talk: The History of Maps

Tony Atkinson, who runs the well-known Map Shop in Upton-upon-Severn, will share with us his enthusiasm for maps.


Saturday 19 May – Coach Excursion to Pitchford Hall, Shropshire (6 miles from Shrewsbury)

Although it has been described as one of England’s loveliest half-timbered houses, few will have heard of Pitchford Hall. Until recently it was empty and neglected, but the new owner, Rowena Colthurst, who was brought up at the Hall, is now bringing it back to life. Our visit gives us the opportunity to see an exciting renovation project in progress. Part of the tour is outside, so wear appropriate footwear. Trip leader: John Dixon. Tel: 01684 574144. Cost: £29 (To include tour and afternoon tea and cake but not lunch. Bring your own or eat at a nearby pub.) Start: Avenue Road at 10am. Return at about 6.30pm.


Thursday 24 May – Country Walk

This gentle 6 mile walk commences on Peachfield Road and passes the site of the old Malvern Wells station, follows the former railway line and edges the golf course. It continues round Langdale Woods (recently the subject of a controversial planning application for a holiday park)  and through fields and eventually passes the showground site and buildings. Then heads towards the modern golf club house and crosses the fairways to reach Wells Common.
Lovely views of the Malvern Hills and lots of spring flowers.


Friday 8 June – Talk: The History and Development of Prefabs


Elizabeth Blanchet and Jane Hearn of the Twentieth Century Society will tell you about the post-war Government’s drive to solve the housing crisis with pre-fabricated homes. We shall hear about the lives of people who lived and, in some cases, still live in them..


Wednesday 13 June – Local Visit: Abberley Hall

An opportunity to tour this fine 19th century mansion (now a school) and, if you feel up to it, to climb the 166 steps to the top of the amazing Clock Tower. 


(Arrive for 2pm. Limit 20. Cost £10.).


Saturday 16 June – Country Walk

Starting at Gardiners Quarry walk along the path at the side of Jubilee Drive and through an area renowned for its bluebells before arriving at Evandine Spring. Then climb up to the top of the hill and walk along the undulating ridge top following the line of the Shire Ditch over Black Hill and Pinnacle Hill and eventually descend through the wooded Thirds Land back to Gardiners Quarry and The Kettle Sings.  This is a 3 mile walk with some short steep stretches and particularly good views of Herefordshire and the ridge line.


Saturday 23 June – Midsummer Malvern begins

Please see the separate brochure and this website for details available nearer the time of the week’s community activities..


Thursday 28 June – Midsummer Party at Madresfield Court

An evening (6.30pm to 9pm) for Society members in the beautiful surroundings of Madresfield Court. Details and invitations will be issued later, and will be on this website.


Wednesday 11 July – Coach Excursion to Weston Park House, Shropshire / Staffordshire

This fine Grade I-listed 17th century mansion with its art collection of 3,000 objects, is set in a landscape of 1,000 acres created by Capability Brown. Cost: £28 (To include coach, morning tour of garden and afternoon tour of house but not lunch. Bring your own or eat at the restaurant. £7 reduction for HHA members.) Start: Avenue Road at 9.30am. Return at about 5.30pm.


Friday 13th – Talk: Making Beautiful Books


Anna Yevtukh-Squire teaches students in Malvern to make beautiful books and she will talk about what inspires her and the techniques she uses.


Saturday 21 July – Country Walk

We start on Castlemorton Common and walk along its top edge and climb through woodland to the Silurian Gap and beyond, and look back over wonderful views to the Cotswolds. Then over Hangmans Hill and follow the Shire Ditch passing by News Wood and Clutters Cave and up onto Swinyard Hill. Continue by following the ridge top with Eastnor Obelisk on the right. Climb on up to the highest point to enjoy the wonderful views in all directions then back to Castlemorton Common via Gullets Quarry. A 3 mile walk with some short steep sections.


Saturday 18 August – Country Walk

Commencing at Hollybush Church we walk through Golden Valley to the interesting Mill Pond then along the edge of Castlemorton Common and up to the geologically famous Gullets Quarry and its lake. Following the track leading to the top of Gullet Pass climb steeply through woods and reach the North Gate of the Iron Age Fort on Midsummer Hill. Then over the summit and descend down a  steepish stony track to the roadway and along the pavement through Hollybush and its interesting buildings to the starting point.  This walk is 4.5 miles generally gentle walk but there is a long steepish climb up to the top of  Midsummer Hill and its views.


Friday 14 September – Talk: Shepherds’ Huts


There is a considerable revival of interest in shepherds’ huts and Rollin Nicholls of the Garden Centre, Guarlford, who has written a book on the topic, is going to tell us about them.


Saturday 15 September – Country Walk

Starting in West Malvern opposite the former home of Lady de Walden we pass Wetminster Bank Spout and climb past the Westminster Arms Quarry and then to the top of The Dingle and its spring- fed pool. Walk on to the ridge of Sugarloaf with its wonderful views to both east and west and proceed to its north end and the top of Happy Valley. Descend the Lady de Walden Drive sighting the Clock Tower and then views towards Worcester. Climb up to the summit of End Hill and on to the very end of Malvern Ridge. Return to West Malvern along tracks. A very interesting and relaxing 3.5 mile walk with some climbs but they are not too arduous.


Wednesday 19 September – Local Visit: Bromesberrow Place

(Ledbury postal district (HR8 1RZ) but just over the Gloucestershire border).  An 18th century mansion, not usually open to the public, with much of interest in its history and architecture, surrounded by a beautiful 1100-acre agricultural estate. (Arrive for 2pm. Limit 30. Cost £10 to include guided tours of house & garden and afternoon cup of tea/ coffee.).


Wednesday 10 October – Coach Excursion to Cirencester Museum and Chedworth Roman Villa

A ‘Roman Day’ to follow up our talk on Chedworth Villa last April. Cirencester has the best Roman museum in the country and Chedworth is one of our most extensive Roman sites, now run by the National Trust. Trip leader: John Dixon. Tel: 01684 574144. Cost: £29 (To include coach and tour of villa. Reduction of £9.80 for NT members. Bring packed lunch or eat in Cirencester.) Start: Avenue Road at 9am. Return at about 6pm.


Friday 12 October – Talk: How Radar came to Malvern


David Whitaker of the Malvern Radar and Technology History Society (MRATHS) will tell us how radar, and much more, was developed in Malvern.


Saturday 20 October – Country Walk

From Hollybush walk on the righthand side of Raggedstone Hill through bracken and trees to Whiteleaved Oak and its selection of delightful houses.Climb along the side of Chase End Hill and steadily up to the trig point and its marvellous views. Walk towards Raggedstone Hill and up a steep and rocky path with really impressive schenes then follow the line of Red Earl‘s Dyke and over the two summits. Descend steeply and pass the Hollybush Quarry on the return to the car park. This is a 4 mile walk with some steep gradients. Find out about the legend of Raggedstone and its curse.


Saturday 3 November – 60th Anniversary Lunch


At Worcestershire Golf Club, 12.30 pm. for 1pm. Cost to be determined, but approximately £25.


Friday 9 November – Annual General Meeting


This will be followed by a talk reviewing the Society’s work during the last 60 years.


Saturday 17 November – Country Walk

Starting at Wynds Point we pass the British Camp Reservoir and over Shadybank Common and on to Little Malvern Court and its Priory Church. On then to St Wulstan Church and the Elgar Graves and on the way admire the views across the Plain. Walk up Holywell Road and then upwards through the wooded hillside to Berrington Quarry and around the top of Black Hill.Walk past Wynds House where Jenny Lind lived for a time and enjoying the spectacular view looking north along the ridge return to the Malvern Hills Hotel. There are good views along this pleasant 4.5 mile walk.


Saturday 15 December – Country Walk

From Swinyard car park on Castlemorton Common walk through woods past the 2300 year old embankments of the Iron Age Fort and the famous Pillow Mound and then climb through the woods on Midsummer Hill and up to the summit. Enjoy the spectacular views at this point of May Hill, the Cotswolds, Eastnor Castle, and the hills of Herefordshire and Wales. Descend through the northern gate of the hill fort and view the Eastnor Obelisk. Descend through The Gullet and pass by the quarry and its dramatic lake on the return to Castlemorten Common. This is a 3 mile walk with plenty of history and spectacular views.



CIvic Week, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


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