The bandstand in Priory Park/©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


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Malvern Civic Society - Our logo, the bandstand


The fine Victorian bandstand that now stands in its original position in Priory Park was restored in the 1980s through our efforts, we now use it as our logo.


The bandstand was originally erected in 1875. The cast iron railing and iron work were made in Saracen Foundry, Glasgow, to the order of the Bandstand's manufacturers Walter Macfarlane & Co (although many of the original railings are now destroyed).


During the 1930s it was much used as a venue for bands playing as part of the Malvern Festival (the brainchild of Sir Barry Jackson, and supported by Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar).  The Malvern Festival Theatre, situated on the edge of Priory Park, was widely described at the time as 'a theatre in a garden', and in the 'garden' of Priory Park bands played a variety of light music.


After WWII it was re-sited to Victoria Park, Malvern Link, but in the 1970s there were suggestions that it be returned to its former home in Priory Park, Great Malvern.  The move was finally achieved in the mid 1980s.  The initialled bricks around the base of the bandstand were purchased by individuals in the final thrust to raise the money needed for the move.


The move back to Great Malvern, greatly enhanced Priory Park, and the bandstand is now, once again, the venue where locals and visitors can come and enjoy music in the 'garden'.

The bandstand in Priory Park, ©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


Bands in the Park


Throughout the Summer the Malvern Civic Society supports a programme of Sunday afternoon band concerts in the bandstand.  Further details of these are available from the town's Tourist Information Office at the top of Church Street.